Website Health Check

Keeping Your WordPress Site in Optimal Running Condition

Our WordPress Health Checks

We’ll tune up any performance issues, run updates and generally check your gears are oiled so your site runs smoothly. 

Plus, your site is more vulnerable to being hacked if you’ve been lax about updates or security.

If your site is running slowly – or not running at all – a website health check gives you a thorough diagnosis to identify and fix any issues. And even if your site seems fine, we recommend a website health check once a year to make sure everything’s healthy under the bonnet

  • Standard

    £350+ VAT

    for regular sites

    • Full Backup
    • Security Audit
    • Database Optimisation
    • Broken Links Checker
    • Performance Recommendations
    • WP / Plugin / Theme updates
    • Malware Clean
    • 60 Min to fix issues
  • Advanced

    £500+ VAT

    for eCom / membership sites

    Everything in Standard plus:

    • Testing of order flow
    • Account creation
    • Testing of payments
    • Member Registration/Cancellation
    • Member emails
    • Other key shop functionality
    • 120 Min to fix issues (additional work will be quoted for)

Frequenty Asked Questions

Got questions?

We’ve answered the most common queries about our web design services, process, and maintenance below - and if you don’t find what you need, we’re only a message away!

Absolutely! We can conduct a thorough Health Check on websites created by any provider to ensure they meet our standards before recommending further development or updates.

We’ll need access to your site’s control panel, FTP, and WordPress admin area. If obtaining this information is difficult, we can liaise with your previous developer on your behalf. A full refund is provided if access to necessary details is unattainable.

If our updates cause issues, we’ll correct them at no additional cost. We perform updates on a staging server, so your live site is unaffected until you approve the changes. However, we are not liable for pre-existing issues from work done by other companies.

The health check report will provide a comprehensive list of things that need to be fixed, and we will provide a quote for this additional work. If requested, we will fix the issues highlighted. But there is no obligation – you can use another provider if you choose.

We completely understand how concerning it can be to think your website’s security has been breached. Our thorough health check is designed to detect any signs of hacking, and we’re committed to identifying and fixing any issues found during the process. And just in case we find a problem that we can’t solve, you’ll get your money back in full.

A Health Check ensures your website is updated, secure, and running without any hitches. Regular updates are crucial to close security gaps that hackers could exploit.

Our care plan is proactive maintenance to prevent issues before they happen.

 A full refund is available if you cannot provide the necessary login information for us to begin work. However, once we receive these details and start the audit, we can no longer offer a refund due to the resources already committed.