WordPress maintenance – the key to a successful website

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Like all software, websites require regular maintenance to keep the site working efficiently.

Websites are no longer a “set and forget”.

Now, with content management systems such as WordPress powering over 25% of the world wide web, maintenance is more important than ever. WordPress, like all software, has regular updates for both the core platform and its plugins. Regular updates ensure the site remains secure as well as optimised for performance.

The benefits of a monthly website maintenance plan

Many businesses are not aware of the benefits of regular maintenance.

  • The performance and load time of your website, and its ability to stay online, all depend on WordPress and its plugins running smoothly — and on having the most recent version of WordPress installed. WordPress and plugins are frequently updated to fix bugs and add features, among other things. Keeping your website up-to-date allows you to enjoy these regular updates.
  • The growth of your website, gaining new traffic, maintaining your search engine ranking, and keeping your site updated all need to be done in an error-free fashion.

Our maintenance workflow

At Drijen Digital, we have more than 10 years’ experience working with WordPress. We’ve developed a systematic approach to maintaining sites, so if there is an issue with an update we can revert back to the previous state while we address the issue and update it accordingly.

The dangers of “Do It Yourself” maintenance

You can maintain your website yourself, and if that’s the route you’d prefer to take we’ve created a handy guide to help you.

Many website owners prefer to hand off this responsibility to an external provider though.

The problem with making WordPress and plugin updates yourself is that if there is an issue, like plugin incompatibility, you may not be able to diagnose the problem straight away. If you notice it several weeks later, it will be harder to pinpoint exactly which plugin was causing the issue.

Your website costs more to fix than to maintain

When things break, you may end up in a state where you can’t even make edits to your website. You could experience downtime and possibly lose potential customers.

Sure, you can then hire someone experienced to come in and fix everything, but that can get pricey in an emergency and anyone good likely isn’t available instantly. Being proactive, preventative, and maintaining your site with a professional is much cheaper in the long run. And it will give you peace of mind.

Here at Drijen Digital, we’ve got a dedicated team that manages backups, updates & security. Our monitors will alert us to any potential issues before they become issues, and if your site does get hacked, we fix it for you at no cost, as an immediate priority.

Being proactive is the way forward with any business website.

Our care plans

We’ve put together care plans that provide ongoing support for our clients and cover regular backups, software updates and, most importantly, security.

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