Google will soon be requiring its customers to set up compatibility with their new Consent Mode V2 platform.

If you’re doing business in the EU or EEA and want your data-driven marketing practices to continue uninterrupted, you need a consent management solution that is approved by Google and supports the latest version of Google Consent Mode, V2.

If you’re an existing user of Google services (e.g. GA4, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager), you need to take action now.

First, you’ll need a Google approved Consent Management Platform. Please contact us to check if you do.

If you have a Google approved Consent Management Platform

The update will require new codes to be added to the website, new variables and triggers (and updated tags) within Google Tag Manager to be created, an update to your CMP account to enable Consent Mode, and then ultimately testing to ensure consent settings are properly communicating with user consent choices.

The process usually takes 2 hours for most websites, plus testing and making sure it works. 

If you’d like to implement this yourself: 

Here are some guides from some of the most popular platforms:

Termageddon Steps:…

CookieYes Steps:…

Cookiebot Steps:…

If you’d like us to manage that for you:

The cost will be £200 + VAT for 1 site. Bulk discounts are available for multiple sites managed through the same Google Tag Manager Account.